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An amazing hospital experience.

Olivia had an appointment yesterday morning at Townsville hospital, something to do with checking her thyroid. Being a fairly long drive we have to allow a fair bit of buffer in the time we arrive so we were an hour ahead of the appointment time, that's when things became quite unexpected, they ushered Olivia in just a few minutes after she got there, just enough time for a comfort break and that was it. Jimby went outside and played some Sudoku that he'd printed before leaving, then after a mere two games were completed Olivia was finished so we wandered back to Daisy in an unhurried fashion until it dawned on me that if I knew the time then we may be lucky enough to exit the car park in under an hour and avoid their $5 parking fee.
Yes it was possible so Jimby moved his legs a bit quicker and we made it with a minute to spare, a real win and put me in a good mood until sometime after getting home I think I caught a bug and had to lie up for most of the day.

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