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A pretty good day out.

We went to a seniors event today and had a pretty good time and some pretty good food. After a bit of warm up food we joined their mini-Olympics with nice simple events, here Olivia has just thrown a thong, quite well too.
More games with us passing a lovely pink ball.
At the end of it everyone won a gold medal, here the girls test it with their teeth, Jimby didn't in case another snapped off.
Then Olivia played Hoy, which had the bonus of finally Jimby finding out what the game was after knowing of its existence for near 50 years. Very similar to Bingo.
Anna won a lucky door prize, she deserved it as her throng throw won the event for our green team.
Then onto some singing, first Coro Allegro with some Italian songs. Recently my mind has been changed about language teaching in school, I had thought it fairly useless for us native English speakers to learn a language which we'd likely never find a use for, as in learn French and the move to Philippines (my case) but now I realise that you can't sing Italian without knowing it, and a lot of good opera's are in Italian. So for any children who may by chance see this Italian is a very useful language, with French you can do Carmen, a very important opera, you can even become Wagnerian with German. Jimby of course would be happy having a chorus part in any Gilbert & Sullivan operetta but we need a general revival.
 Lastly with things being hurried up to clear the place we sang with Sing Australia, here Jimby looks like a thorn amongst roses but despite my ordinary voice they put up with me and I've even come to enjoy it since Olivia dragged me into it. Something behind the piano has grabbed our attention.


  1. Excellent series, Jimmy. We enjoyed reading about your day. It looks like everyone had a good time.

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  3. G'day Jerry, it was a pretty good day and best of all Olivia was happy.