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Olympus SH-25MR sensor dust.

I noticed things were a bit spotty with Olivia's photos from the military bash so I gave the lens a bit of a clean but there was still a couple of dark spots in the same place of every shot, a sign of dust on the sensor that happens to pretty well all camera's sometime but it takes a bit more effort to clean the sensor of a compact. You can see the rather large chunk of space dust on the sensor here.

Gaining access on the Olympus SH-25MR is happily a fairly simple procedure, just undo the 8 screws around the outside of the case, that allows the back to open up as shown, then undo the 3 screws that I've pointed to in yellow on the left of shot, that allows the sensor to swing out to enable cleaning.
Olivia has become very attached to this camera and was whimpering when butcher Jimmy advised of the operation needed, much relief when the patient survived.

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