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A big day in Townsville.

First stop was a discount pharmacy so Olivia could get some pills priced way below our punitive prices. I saw these rather expensive NRL branded tissues, naturally they didn't have any Cowboys ones left, I suspect that even if the Cowboys hadn't won the competition last season they would have still sold out quickly.
Then to a shopping centre to kill some time in air conditioned comfort. Olivia met Santa.
Then Olivia wondered what Jimmy had seen in the decoration.
It was a bird relaxing among the baubles.
I like the way they've stacked the boxes here, the images line up nicely.
Daisy was hot when we returned from the comfort zone, off the dial hot.
Then onward to the Hospital where unexpectantly they decided to proceed with her little operation that we thought would be done on another date. Happily for me they had a Phantom comic in the waiting room, and even better it had two Wilson McCoy drawn stories (and a later not so good one), he was my favourite comic artist, the stories were always good back then too.
I hope I never use a wheelchair that big.

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