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Removal time.

I've endured this patch of Bowen's disease on my cheek for what must be over 15 years, my new Doctor was pretty keen to practice his excising skill, and since it's often been rather annoying I weakened a touch to allow him to have a chop at it.
After giving me a painful few jabs to ensue it was painless thereafter he pencilled in a guideline for his blade.
 After the cut it bled a bit so a bit of fun was had with his expensive medical grade soldering iron.
Stitches. I asked him if I could remove then myself, which only brought a semi-negative reply but Olivia who was nice enough to take these blow-by-blow pics kyboshed the idea, being married I dare not break the rules of "she who must be obeyed"
All done, smiling, happy, Dr Sprague has such a lovely manner and workmanship I don't even regret having it done.

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