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Daisy gets a new vent.

Predictably the repair I did some months ago to Daisy's vent failed after a while so rather than fiddle around again I ordered a new one which meant a trip to Townsville and letting Olivia have some fun shopping down there.
 Fitting the new vent was a simple procedure but while Daisy had some parts out I checked the lighting on the A/C-heater controls.
Blast, they must have found an old antique supply of filament bulbs, they aren't my style so I found four LEDs to replace them, it did at least use LED on the A/C and I assume the recirculation buttons
BTW having recirculation on is for car salesmen and when there's a very dead animal on the roadside, flow through is the preferred setting. Car salesmen have their ways like they will always have  a transmission set in the power position if the car has a power/economy switch, probably it's best to set everything they do to its opposite position.

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