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Nearly done.

This morning I had the puff to thread the pipe that I'd cut, I'd used the board in the background to lever a bit of pressure under it to get it started, from then on it was just hard work.
Here I fitted a female union to it.
While threading the replacement section I noticed the camera, so naturally I smiled, a scary moment for Olivia.
All my old pants are extra loose on me these days so I put an elastic belt over them to avoid embarrassing disasters, It can't be seen here but I follow the fashion of the legendary Fred Astaire by wearing the buckle on my left hip, gee he had talent.
 Here it's in place waiting for a final tighten up but after that I'll leave it exposed for a while so I can check for leakage.
This may help me avoid a jail term but the work I've done is downstream of a tap. We live in such a regulated country that almost anything you can think of doing has a law preventing it, and we have generations now who won't even attempt to do so, even the word asbestos will have plenty cringing.

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