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A difficult chore.

This pipe had corroded to the point it had started leaking a while ago. I had simply dug a bit of dirt away to get a bit of an idea about the job ahead and then merely removed it from service.
Today I decided to repair it because it's in a very useful position.
I figured the simple approach was to cut off the bad section.
Then dig away the ground around it to find where the fitting joins it.
My knees are old and have hurties so I sure appreciate having something to kneel on.
 This was the end of my day, I started to rethread the old pipe where I had cut it but quickly ran out of puff and called it quits for the day. this is going to be at least a two-parter, and a difficult one as I'll have to cut the replacement pipe pretty accurately and I don't have much wiggle room for it.


  1. Wish I could give you a hand there bro, good to see you have good tools too.

  2. If you inherited any degree of finesse from our father then the job would look just as rough, anyway you're always welcome mega, just bear in mind I must be painful to look at when I do anything these days, a bit like a public sector job tender you have to put an extra zero on the tail end of any time a job should take.