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Maraka parade 2014.

Olivia and I went out to see the Maraka festival parade on Saturday, Maraka was created a long time ago to celebrate the end of the sugar season but now there's always much cane still to cut but at least it adds a bit of spectacle to Ingham.
This drum and pipe band led the parade and thankfully they were pretty good, in tune with crisp drums.
The theme of the parade this year was the centenary of the local steam cane hauling loco "Homebush" which appeared in the 2008 film "Australia", it's only used for special occasions now. The business floats have pretty well become merely history now with it becoming the preserve of local schools or taxpayer funded organisations, but the Homebush theme was applied nicely by all, this copy was very good.
I think the red car is a Fiat 124 Sport Spyder, with what appears to be excessive steering toe-out, or worn joints. Italian vehicles are special in Ingham so it wasn't grouped with the others.
Still on cars the second one here appears to be a Ford Popular 103E roadster ute, with such luxury features as a single windscreen wiper, yet despite that luxury it was claimed to be the cheapest car available back in those days before my time. It's followed mainly by Aussie grey porridge usually powered by heavy and inefficient V8 engines, though the extra weight of the engines did seem to be compensated by removal of any sort of silencer.
I had some battery drama with my camera which really curtailed my fun. Either a charger problem or an extra camera problem after that tumble that broke the screen, it has rattled me a bit as I even took two spares but had to ration severely my shot taking.

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