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A little day out.

Olivia and I took a little drive down to Jourama Falls, or at least the parkland near it. The falls involve a very rugged walk that resembles the pathway to Mt Everest and lacks a decent result when you breathlessly achieve it, so we weren't going to put in that sort of effort.
A simple stroll to the swimming hole where turtles lounge about waiting for food from punters like us would satisfy our desire for getting away for a bit, sadly for them I'd read the sign asking us not to feed them, and obeyed. Here Olivia shows me getting ready to shoot a turtle.
And here's what I shot.
Then a short drive further up the road to the gruelling walking track which has been sealed since I was last there in 2007. We would adventure about 200 metres along its flat section before deciding we'd done enough wandering for a day.
 This board was mounted about 4 metres up a tree, quite a mystery to us.
A storybook family, Dad, Mum, boy and girl child plus dog (possibly oblivious to rules forbidding pets from national parks as posted on signs here) strolled past us. It was time for us to wander back, dogs scare me.

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