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Work, urggh.

The tyres I ordered arrived this morning and incredibly Jimmy started to fit them.

Of course after doing one I ran out of puff and decided to wait till tomorrow to do the other one, there's a reason a fool like me is on the pension.

I made some changes here to hopefully make it easier for comments to be made, unknown to me earlier was that it wasn't always possible despite me thinking it should have been.


  1. not everyone had a apperatis like this for changing tires in the basement

  2. thanks for the change, for me to make a comment was a real pain in the arse

  3. Balancing is more of an issue, I have a method that I'll show later but for me a simple bubble balancer would be quite sufficient. Problem is finding one, if I was in the USA I could grab one for about $70 delivered but the USA is about the only place I can find to buy a Chinese made balancer, so about $170 delivered here. I don't think any Aussie business wants to order the minimum quantity involved from China, and it's not many. We do live in a backwater.

  4. So how much did you have to pay for the tyres? The last set I bought for Putterbug cost me $350 for 4 and that was after a great deal of searching. One place wanted over $700!


    $42 each but since we're so far away the freight was another $40+ dollars for the pair. Just finding tyres in a size other than the three most popular is a chore itself here, but at least I've found a way to bypass the tyre sharks now. These Goodride's are pretty good too.