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Wheel balance.

Rather than wait for the new balance weights to arrive I thought (correctly) I had enough old stock already to do the job.
I'd earlier noticed that the rear wheels had been serviced prior me buying so well that I left them alone, they also spin delightfully enough to use for wheel balancing, pity though that it's quite a chore for Jimmy to put the front wheels onto the hub to do it.

After doing the nearside it was way easier to do the offside as I only needed one jack.

Job done and I'd used the last weight I had, this was an old big one that I'd found on the road a few years ago, I cut a bit off to get the balance right. The paint blobs on the tyre have meanings but I couldn't be bothered checking up on them, it was mere coincidence it aligns with the valve core here.
I had a delightful smooth test drive afterwards, but I do think I should find a bubble balancer to check on these things in future.

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