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Zooming with the Nikon P510.

Did I just see some colour in that tree?
Yes it has flowers.
This is a quarter frame sized crop at full zoom, I suppose that's a 4x digital zoom? 4x42=168, zoooom ;).
And this is the same quarter frame sized crop of the wide shot to make a fair comparison.
Nice to see a lovely clear day, pity it's too windy for flower shots.
I might make a note to myself to up the file quality, I just use normal but I'm seeing a bit of JPG noise here, though that may just be the compression I have Irfanview set to. It still may pay to set the camera up a notch to fine though.
I'm still consistently getting good hand held results at full zoom, I hope Nikon treated the crew who worked on the stabilisation a bonus.

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  1. Amazing quality. I'm overdue for a new camera so I'll have to look at that one. - Todd