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I gave up, rather quickly too.

I've had an almost unused old Samsung S630 camera lying about for too long doing nothing so the other morning I had a bit of a fiddle seeing if I could remove the IR filter and try for some of that fancy photography stuff.

Wasted my time of course, Samsung appear to have made it a bit more difficult than a stroll in the park to access the sensor so I quickly gave up and reassembled the poor molested thing.

I used the new toy, the Nikon P510 to take a few shots and in reality they were all usable but just a crop of one will do here, seriously though this new P510 is quite remarkable, I bought it simply due to seeing some samples on, but I've also found it does great macros and has superb image stabilisation, I really bought it to take shots of wildlife with its massive zoom but it's far more useful than just that.

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