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Zoooom, Nikon P510.

Oh dear, Jimmy saw some sample pics from this camera on and was overly tempted to grab one for catching things from afar.
At least it was less than a fortnight's pay and the buy me trigger may have been it being available in a colour other than black or grey (which they usually give the fancy name of silver).
This Nikon P510 is the current king of zooms with a 1000 mm (35mm equivalent) reach, it can grab things like this noisy helicopter a kilometre away, taken hand held in a hurry.

Or skippy's relaxing 250 metres away this morning before the light was brilliant, so it suffers a bit of mid-iso fuzzies, but it just keeps giving me usable results hand held at full zoom, something that couldn't be done a few years ago.

For total uselessness here is a crop of our TV screen taken at full zoom from my usual viewing perch a couple of metres away, yes right into its very pixels.

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