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Success at last.

I've had dramas a plenty with the computer dropping out under stress, even recently changed to a low power A8-3870 CPU thinking the previous powerhouse was just a dog, however same problem.
Anyway the 3870 with the stock cooler runs fine but it's noisy and things run hot under stress yet doesn't bomb out, that was the go figure issue for me, a big open mouthed wonder.

I've run water cooling which kept the CPU 10 degrees cooler than stock but it crashed at 52 degrees yet the stock job kept things running at 62 degrees, much scratching of head but thought maybe there was hot pockets in the mount so I ordered a reasonable powered and priced air cooler.

I mounted the new air cooler shown here last night and had my jaw drop yet again when running cool the computer crashed under stress. Right time to thing sideways and use some logic.
The four grey square things in the lower right of the picture appear to power the CPU, and there was no air flow from the aftermarket coolers but the stock cooler spills onto them, felt them and they were hot.
Time to do a Jimmy kludge.
Cut up an empty 99c dishwashing liquid bottle (surprisingly made in Australia), shape a couple of prongs to hold it in place and fit it to direct air flow over those grey thingies.
I think I'll order some little heatsinks for them now, but Jimmy is happy to have a quiet stable computer again.

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