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Genuine "Goodride"

First I should say that I have renamed Fritz to Artie, in part due to the numberplate which has "RRT" as the letters.

I got a pair of these fairly cheaply on eBay to replace the 12 year old ones on the rear of Artie, even had fun mounting and balancing them. They raise the rear a bit and may draw the ire of our nanny state which manages to have a law against everything, but finding tyres in the correct size for Artie isn't easy and I'm sure I'd only be met locally with a blank stare and a price tag designed to write him off. I think the pair cost $137 including freight.


  1. Jim,

    Sounds like you have a well equipped home shop to be able to mount and balance your own.

    The price of tyres here in the States has gone through the roof as well. I went to an older establishment in a local town for a quote on 4 tyres for Putterbug (185/60R15) and they were wanting $500! It literally took the wind out of me.

  2. I wish I had a balancer but because the rear hubs spin very freely I just used them to balance them. I have a cheap manual tyre change thingy that I can never fully get the swing of so I just used a plain lever to finish off the mounting, at least I find it helpful to remove tyres.
    You're vastly better served for tyres over there with sites like Tirerack, some Aussies buy from there and save money despite a massive freight bill. I think local tyre sellers see customers as wood ducks, perhaps the place you saw was run by an Aussie?

  3. I just spent US$500 on 4 Uniroyal tires inlcuding mounting. They were the value option and from what I can tell they are no longer a big player in the market here. Balance another $10 per wheel. By some miracle they are great, quiet, abosorb bumps, good traction dry and wet. Paying more would get you BF Goodrich, and more for Goodyear to pay for their blimp.

  4. You must have bought tyres that have a sidewall Todd, the in thing here is to tyres that look like paint rollers, no comfort on bumps.

    I wish that blimp would disappear, it has a habit of ruining golf coverage, funny thing is they moan when they see a jobber holding a camera yet endure hours of loud droning from the blimp, which must get checked for airworthiness over here where the testers all seem deaf.

  5. I got lucky and found a set of "Mastercraft" for the low price of $350 today. Now I have to get use to driving Putterbug on tyres that have tread again.

    Can't really complain about the old set of B.F. Goodrich though. They had over 90,000 kilometers on them.