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Confession: I'm a drug addict.

I've been fearing seeing the doctor as well as the pharmacist of late so I thought I'd see if I could survive albeit painfully without the pills prescribed.
That was a major mistake, after about a week I had the worst angina attack I've ever had, 25 hours of agony. I'm still as weak as a kitten and have learnt my lesson, if it was any worse I would have even risked my life going to hospital, but knowing they don't like me kept me from going there.

Age does weary and what I could and did do 15 years ago is no longer possible, now I have to gather the courage to see the doctor again, as well as hide in the corner of the pharmacy while all of the important people get served.

These are my main pills, I also take a couple more that are more to do with quality of life than required for it.
And no I haven't been on the booze much for a long time.


  1. Welcome to the world of the aged. I went thru the change of life about 10 years ago. You'll get over it. ;-)

  2. My doctor switched me from one medicine that was costing @$200 per month to another one (metformin) that is essentially free. After about 6 weeks my knees locked up and I could barely move from chair to bed.

    I started researching my 6 medications on the internet for side effects, discovered the problem was this new drug, and I cut my dosage by half until I go back to see him next month.

    I'm back able to move around again now but I'm hoping the doctor will be able to come up with a solution that won't break me financially.

    Keep taking that hydrochlorothiazide. I've never had any side effects from it and, at least here in the States, it's not any more expensive than aspirin.