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This wasn't you was it Mega? I know you love a bit of a play about Mt Glorious.


  1. Nah, not me Jim, that's down the backside of Mt. Glorious, looks like it was coming from the "T", past Cedar Flats and about to head up towards the Cafe, I had fun coming down past that spot a few months ago, I went around the outside of a couple of R1's and a KTM RC8, it's advantage that large diameter front wheels have, not to forget the large "gonads" too!

    The 1360 motor is about to be put together, I received some more parts today and have been playing with my Microsquirt controller, I'm thinking of fuel injection, just need to find a set of Hyabusa throttle bodies, insert a 13mm spacer between 2 and 3 and a fuel pump...

  2. Pleased to hear it Mega.
    Fuel injection would be an excellent project, I'd even like to experiment with the mower, with computer processors and feedback controls becoming commonplace it should be getting to the easy to handle DIY project stage by now.

    There's a lot to be said in favour of the olde style large front wheel.

  3. I was thinking of re-inventing the wheel with the electronics but then decided on Microsquirt as I really don't have too much time in a day.

    I was riding a mates GSX which was his old race bike in South Africa (he was the period champion) it runs quite well and has ground clearance, nice ride that day. I also did some work on an old race bike of Kork Ballington's, he uses it as his daily ride to work bike, it's a '69 Mach III, Kork thought it was an ignition problem as the middle cyclinder was not firing well, eventually I found a blocked baffle, all good... He has a nice trophy room and his KR500 is rather nice, he also bought one of Hansfords old race bikes, it is in his trophy room too, a real nice guy too.