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A lost week.

My ISP changed hands but the new owner's plans went awry when the plug was pulled on the old system before they were able to get their new one plugged in, this resulted in a very depressed Grace and Jim. We had no idea for too long as to what was happening but things had better be good or we'll move again quickly, a week offline is hard to handle after having such a wonderful tool in front of us for so long.

Anyway the outage managed to kill my will to do anything but just before it I decided to put another computer together, I've been a bit out of touch lately but wanted a bit of grunt for video processing at a budget. Motherboard and CPU cost about $200 and it seems to do video work twice as fast as the old one. It must be the extra cores as the clock speed is about the same.

I chose AMD due to bangs for bucks rather than sheer grunt, the CPU is an number 840

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