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Shocking photo.

All reflection but I spotted this upon the entry to Coles this morning.
I can't see how our State government rules that are a clear restriction to trade could stand up to any sort of legal challenge, they allow quasi-independent supermarkets who sell the same items to operate, yet the major chain stores are expected to have their perishable food sit happily on the shelf behind closed doors due to trade restrictions.
The tourists who travel through the area must be just as astounded.


  1. This sort of thing sucks, Jim. It is the same here in Maryborough. Shops are closed on a public holiday, but you can go to Hervey Bay and do your shopping.

    I will add though that Foodworks which took over the Coles shop here are now trading 7 days a week from 6 am till 9 pm, and they traded over the Easter weekend, so there must be something in the rules that allow them to do this but not Bilo and Woolworths.

  2. Jim in the US we have ever-fewer stores closed on national holidays. Even black friday, the mega-xmas-shopping day after our Thanksgiving day in Nov that kicks off xmas season, has been starting at night of xmas day, supposedly for the women of the house to leave the men with the football on tv. Small shops will be closed.

  3. I should have said: has been starting the night of Thanksgiving day, although the same thing occurs with the after-xmas sales starting at midnight or even earlier of xmas day.

  4. I have no problem with businesses closing because they can't see the point of staying open but I do have trouble with government anti-constitutional laws that survive due our colony status before federation.

  5. We still have some blue laws in my state, such as the large town where many large shopping malls are located, that requires all businesses to close on Sunday. My own hometown growing up allowed only "essential" sales on Sunday, the result being that you could buy plumbing supplies but the lumber section was roped off, and the hardware store could be open Sunday but only until noon. Not sure how their law works today, but where I live now the small shops choose to be closed, not by law.