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Jimmy found a cheap way to tart up the aftermarket wheelcovers.


  1. Very nice, Jimmy!
    I drive a Toyota Yaris. The wheels I bought on eBay say Scion. Close enough for me.
    Michael Golden

  2. The wheels were a nightmare part of the car when I bought her.
    Tru had aftermarket number 17 alloys on her but the lower profile just didn't look right. She should have had number 16 alloys when new but since they were a bit awkward to find in our location, I grabbed some number 16 steel wheels. I prefer steel wheels anyway but they don't look anywhere near as nice as alloys, this is as good a compromise as I'm going to do, I'll probably fit the number 17s back on when she's sold, some boy racer is sure to prefer them but not me.
    I'm a bit irked now that white background badges have become available from they would have been nicer than the black ones.
    BTW if someone wants to buy her then message me, I'm getting a fair interest in moving onto a Nissan Micra now that I don't need a large car in case we had to move due to the road deviation that is no longer going to happen.