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I had a chance to change Tru's springs little while back so started with the saggy one.
Three days later I could move again but the wet came back so the other side remains postponed for a bit longer.

Age does weary, that one took me all day to do a 30 minute job. My arms still don't function properly and have lacked a fair chunk of movement since February.

I'm now feeble, slow, lack eyesight and stamina but I'm trying to remain independent.

While I was spending forever under Tru I noticed her intermediate and rear mufflers were both in a sad state, the intermediate I already knew was ordinary but now that the rear one is also crook it prompted me to order new ones, luckily Supercheap Auto's online shop has had a drop in price, yay done, pity I didn't order new gaskets from them too as the local Supercheap store must be selling platinum coated versions judging by their price.

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