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Off with the fairies.

We shelled out $20 to get a fancy coverage of the Olympic games that finished last night and have been solidly watching it for its 11 odd days.

It's worthwhile to pay extra for events like this if you've any interest, as you get to see what you want to, rather than what the free broadcaster thinks you want to.

The sports as always were amateur and lacked the professional and commercial need to entertain but it still has to get a plus mark.

Minus marks go to the scaremongers who ramped up security so much that the spectacle of a crowd was missing to many events. Also minus marks to the rich countries who often must have splashed out big money on uniform designers and ended up with drab grey and black colours. Plus marks to the poorer countries who couldn't afford fancy designers and used bright colourful uniforms in their country's colours, yippee for the carribean.

Boos to the British who just don't understand England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not countries and to impose itself on the other commonwealth countries like this is just bullying. If England can compete then Queensland and Alberta have the same rights.

I think the lass in the photo scored a couple of medals, good ones too, at the games.

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