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New lavatory lamp.

I got sick of waiting for the antique olde style bulb to expire in the lavatory so have now replaced it with a new LED lamp before it was due.
That el-cheapo "savings" brand lamp had served us faithfully for the 7.5 years we've lived here, plus however long it had served its previous masters, enough to leave a guilty feeling.

I've washed the old one and laid it carefully away in the cupboard, hopefully away from the eyes of suspicious customs officers who may want to slap a $100,000 fine on us for owning one.


  1. You could probably take lavatory paper off the shopping list for a while!

  2. Nah Ken, our Coles is one of the ones that are supposed to be getting sold off, I've had to stockpile their lavatory paper because it's a better product than the Woolies single ply, and all the fancier brands are the wretched 2-ply stuff. I much prefer a single ply.
    I've blocked to window to aid soundproofing from what used to be a chorus of dogs.

  3. If ya take the as-s wipe away from the window you wouldn't need to have replaced the light...LMAO