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Voting time.

We had a federal election on Saturday and as usual we used it as an excuse for a drive somewhere, this time we chose Abergowrie where as per usual the school is where the polling booth is.

It's a very fancy school for 20 odd students but I sense they only use the little building where we voted.

One pic shows people who are heading to vote after we had finished, we were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves, that adds to the charm of voting late and in smaller places.
The other pics shows a very impressive building for so few students, hopefully we can get some more people in the area again, maybe if they had a decent broadband internet connection available that would help ease the drain of people to the big cities.

Our electorate is Kennedy and because we have an independent member it appears in this cliffhanger election to have gone from forgotten to vital to whomsoever may want to form government.


  1. Are the roofs mainly to protect against the sun or the rain? We know the window screens are for the sun.- Todd

  2. Good question Todd, I would have thought rain but since we now live in a nanny state I suppose the sun is the reason.
    School in Australia is mainly in the cooler months so naturally many of our schools are air conditioned now.