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Starter swap.

I bought another starter motor for Tru a while back, and have finally got around to fitting it.
With nearly 200k km on her odometer and her parts being readily available and cheap, it made sense to me to play with it in the comfort of home rather than being inconvenienced on a trip and copping a tow-truck and a top dollar unit.

Inspecting the old unit showed it to be in pretty good nick, so I cleaned it and slapped a bit of fresh grease where it looked like lube would help. I would have liked to rebush it but they didn't appear easily found online, probably with the entire unit fairly cheap not enough people bother any more.

I also must have been under a rock for the last 30 years as they now have permanent magnet poles on them which work very well. They seem much better than the old electro magnet jobs.

The new starter has a nicer feel to it than the old one which surprised me but it made the job worth while and gave the Tru a new feel when starting her. I'll keep the old one as an emergency spare, who knows? since they fit all 6 cyl Falcons since 1965 it may even save someone else's tail.

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