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Naughty Ryco.

this morning I saw this at Supercheap auto. You'd think a filter company as old as they are would know that Ford Australia have never made a V6 Falcon in the nearly 50 years they've been making them.


  1. Jim, you might want to look at a Ford Taurus, it's a vee, and not a V-8, but the neanderthals here probably wouldn't aknowledge the existance of anything other than a V-8...

  2. But a Taurus isn't a Falcon, different air filter anyway.
    The most powerful Falcon is the fancy turbo six, which of course has the power freaks in a conundrum but Ford owners appear quite comfortable living with that, muttering things like the chug-chug sound of a V8 being preferable to the smoothness of an inline six.
    Myself I have the lowest power option they make yet it still has ample power for our roads.