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Not quite. It's a Holden, Tru's a Ford. It has $200 wheels and tyres, Tru has $2 jobs.
Tru has a feeble old owner who likes a quiet comfortable ride, so she has pothole absorbing sidewalls and stock mufflers, versus the razor sharp handling ones for our smooth straight highway, and the local trick of removing the resonator and fitting a loudener in place of the muffler so the young people can hear the engine.

But Jimmy's an old married man now and doesn't have to impress his peers nor the girls anymore.


  1. Agree with you there Jim, in fact, the only vehicle that looks good with those large diameter wheels is the Crysler 300C, all the rest are just playing with themselves and have far too much money...

  2. Say what? That Chrysler 300C was heavily touched by an ugly stick ;)
    Their PT Cruiser is more my style.