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More new eyes.

I've been in an experimenting mood with eyes of late and have learned a fair bit.
These two sets cost $25 delivered from so it isn't wasting a lot of money.

The set on the right are my new playroom specs, what I did was take .75 of an opter thingie off their power (e.g -2.25 down to -1.50) and have a set that's pretty useful for focusing on both the computer monitor and the TV. Of course at my age it has to be a bit of a compromise with both ends being at the limit of their range.

The left set were bought for driving and are pretty good but in hindsight larger lenses would be better for most use, though I was thinking of having to view over them when shopping, so I can read labels. Also I had to change the astigmatism settings a bit as the last eye test the eyeman did wasn't quite right.

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