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Heater coil? No.

Another Jimmy kludge, hopefully one that will function OK.
Mega's old power supply has had a habit of tripping the circuit breaker I installed whenever I've charged a car battery with it, quite surprising considering it's 25 Amp (maybe it's 30A I forget), so the transformer must push out a lot of grunt but I had to protect the 35 Amp bridge rectifier I fitted as it had blown the previous one.

Anyway the silly looking fencing wire coil is to act as a shunt to limit the current slightly, testing seems to deem it successful but it isn't very good as a hand warmer. My meter which isn't very good at low impedances thinks it may have 0.1 Ohm resistance.

The insulators were a bit of broom dowel that I tapered to fit the holes I'd drilled.

Since mega is sure to read this, you're quite welcome to have the flood affected relic back to add to your ancient treasures collection.

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  1. Nice one Jim, I do remember, I wasn't an Electrician then, but anyway, just use a 100W incandescent lamp in series, don't be afraid to give it a good hose out and let it dry for a while, that should clean it up a bit too.