Denture Jimby

After much work and plenty of pain and blood I received a set of dentures today which now I'll have to break my mouth into.
They change my gap laden mouth from this.
Into this.
This shot also shows why a wide angle lens (which is also universal on cellphones) is a very lousy choice for portraits. Don't worry about my left eye looking useless as it only sees blurs anyway and until my turn comes up for a cataract operation is only a passenger, hopefully my lesser cataract suffering right eye will hold up until then or I'll be getting myself a white cane.
Ah the joys of ageing, but it's still often better than the alternative.


  1. Lookin' good, Jimmy. Took me a while to get used to mine but after a few days they worked better than the originals.

  2. I also had eye surgery. I now don't need glasses except for reading. $6.00 at the local department store.

  3. I'll persist with the teeth, Olivia likes them. Since we don't pay for operations unless we consider ourselves important the timetable is in their hands, my sight is just another thing that has my life on hold.

  4. Glasses here in the USA use to cost between $100 and $200. Health insurance covered the rest. General Motors pays the Insurance.