A welcome visitor leaves.

My Father Fred has been at our place for the last four weeks, he's getting on a bit now and was fairly crook when he arrived but most of his health has returned now so he's heading back south to sort things out with my Mother regards them possibly moving north again.
We had 138 mm of rain here on the day he left so hooking up the trailer was a pain, and a nervous one for me as I had fitted and wired new lights on it but happily they all lit up in the correct manner.
I took of photo of Fred and Olivia a few minutes before leaving, since it's a nice photo I'm posting it, Olivia's own parent's died a long time ago and it's been a surprise for her to marry into having in-laws.


  1. You are indeed fortunate to still have your parents. My have been gone for a decade now.

    Not to be rude but why is your dad towing a trailer when he has all that room in that huge car?

  2. Even worse is he didn't put much in the trailer for his trip, I think he just wants to get away from where he is and be nearer to us as he's not as capable as he used to be, I'd call him frail aged now and he doesn't argue about that.