Jimby attacks a VT Commodore fuel flap.

My Dad Fred has driven up here in what may not be just a little visit but I have a few things on his car that I have to sort out, more to follow.
The catch of the fuel flap was broken and held on with *shudder* duct tape (naturally it's pronounced duck tape but I shouldn't write that), since the car is pretty badly marked these days I just used some steel I've bent and a couple of pop rivets (not rivots as I've seen in a Ford manual).
Just to make them a little less obvious I sprayed a bit of blue paint over them, blue being the closest colour I have to purple. The scratch here is part of the reason I'm not bothered about changing my leopard spots to pretty boy Jimby.
There'll be more to come with this little tale.


  1. I'm driving a car from 1998 that belonged to my "brother-in-law's 95 year old father." No one in my brother-in-law's family wanted to be seen driving it after he passed, so naturally they thought of me. :)

    We have this thing in the States called Demolition Derbys where young bucks take old cars and run them in to each other - the idea being the last car moving is the "winner". The passenger side of this gift car somewhat resembles that.

    Anyway, it appears you did a fine job with the fuel flap.

  2. Thank you, I'm very pleased with it and think it better than the original cast in the plastic one, the downside to the maker doing it that way is it'd add a slight cost to manufacture. Since the car is now graveyard age and it's only recently broken it's hard to argue with the maker.