A much tougher job than expected.

I figured quite a while ago that Lorna should get the timing belt changed on her Nissan Pathfinder, checking online led me to believe it was a pretty simple job so I volunteered to do it for her.
Then I discovered that it's a vastly more difficult job than I expected.
Here's the reason, my legs are far too short for me to gain any comfortable access, and the bullbar makes things even harder, oh well live and learn, I should be finished tomorrow.
Here's the new belt fitted as well as a new water pump but I'm doubting now there was any issue with the old pump but access isn't easy so it may have been a good idea.
Interesting that the RH bank previously had been set one tooth out (retarded) so there's a chance it may run differently when I finish this chore.
Olivia has banned me from working on cars in future but it's a reminder to me why Daisy is a small 4 cylinder.


  1. If the belt has been previously changed but the water pump was original, it was definitely time to change.

  2. Yes and probably yes to those questions. The water pump looked pretty good, as a result of the engine having had good corrosion inhibitor in it but there was a sign of a tiny bit of a leak from its hole. Hmmm I should take a photo.