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It was a good do.

Sorry I'm very slack posting after Olivia's party, maybe the cold weather has curbed my activity.
It ended up a pretty good night and due to nobody writing down a list of songs they wanted to blast out on the karaoke I ended up hogging the microphone a bit too much due to me having put some songs that I knew onto the USB drive, thus they were all at least 45 years old, unlike most of the girls.
I even discovered I can almost do Roy Orbison stuff, what I lack in voice I can almost make up for in effort. My voice also has a great similarity with Frank Sinatra in that it's gone to Gowings at about the same age as Frank's did although he actually had one when younger.
This photo also shows some evidence that I suffer from dwarfism, much like the late great wrestler Andre the Giant I lack legs that are in proportion.

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