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I must blame myself.

I was sitting peacefully watching a replay of football from yesterday and the screen went dark, and quiet abounded. That's odd thought Jimby we must have a blackout, yet we almost never get blackouts (unlike Olivia's old home where she could bank on 100 blackouts a year), check the light switch Jimby, it still works hmmm, ask Olivia what she was doing, she had plugged in this power adapter which upon checking rattled, villain found.
Somehow a screw had found itself inside this seemingly sealed unit but I sense it would be because of being forced over this oversized holding screw, the black one in this photo. About the only two contacts it could reach simultaneously were between active and earth which would logically explain why the earth leakage circuit breaker tripped.
 The eight screws holding the unit together were never designed to be unscrewed but the clever Chinese company that built it used just enough torque on them to hold them in place, allowing me to undo them. I'm far more used to things being assembled by gorillas so it came as a pleasant surprise after the misery of seeing their tamperproofness.

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