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A few street images around Philippines.

The Magapit bridge is a wonderful suspension bridge in Northern Luzon but I'd be concerned about this broken link in the middle of it.
Canadians may love this tricycle which shows how useful they can be for hauling things, there's six on the outside of the sidecar, three on the bike, and we have to guess how many inside the sidecar, if it's four then that'd make 13, lucky for some.
I've seen dogs wandering the street in nearly every street view shot I've seen but this must uniquely be the only dog in the whole country that's chained.
 Sprung! you know your lucks out when you sneak outside in a very quiet neighbourhood and a Google camera car drives past.
This is a real mystery at Malabog, the high fence would ensure even the locals would have little idea but I'm very curious as to what's going on here. Brother-in-law Tonio's Jeepney runs between Malabog and Legazpi City so I must get Olivia to see if she can ask him.

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