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Washing machine blues.

Our decade old LG WD-8015C washing machine chucked a wobbly yesterday by the drain pump refusing to do its job, so why would I be dismantling the control board?
Well since the program button has been intermittently faulty since nearly new I saw this as a great time to replace it, it's a commonly available part which I have a box of so this was a simple job to do, but it doesn't fix a pump motor, however this gave me a chance to inspect the control boards for obvious trauma.
The problem was the pump motor itself, its shaft seal has become worn and allowed grunge to build up inside to stop the motor turning, it isn't really a rebuildable part so I've ordered a new one and until it arrives I just cleaned the old one and put it back into service, hopefully things will be fine in the meantime.
In reality I can't moan about the service this LG has given us, the switch fault isn't theirs but rather their supplier, much as that plague of bad capacitors which gave many a otherwise good company a bad name a decade + ago. The pump I can put down to fair wear and tear and a new one was vastly less than a minimum call out fee from a serviceman.

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