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Australia Day in Ingham.

Olivia and I were tied up with a choir group for our Australia Day ceremony today, happily things went fairly smoothly and I barely embarrassed myself.
Quite an Aussie collection of songs yet oddly "Pub with no Beer" wasn't on our list despite the poem the song is based upon being written here in Ingham.
Olivia gets chummy with Lorna who was one of two new citizens sworn in by our Mayor Rodger Bow on the left here. Later Olivia went to a party at Lorna's place, the Philippines lasses in Ingham are a close and happy group.
The cake that Lorna helped to cut, it was delicious too.
Like many Aussie blokes in my younger days Australia Day was just a day off to enjoy plenty of beer and watch some cricket on the TV until inevitably a stupor set in before the match was over, oddly now I find today has been a far better use of my time, as well as giving something back to the community. I'm rapidly becoming senior citizen Jimmy.


  1. Today, January 26, is also Michigan Day. We've been here since 1837. Happy Birthday to both of us.

  2. your both newcomers, here in Newfoundland we've been around sense 1497, although only part of Canada sense april 01 1950.