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A busy time at Ingham station.

We had a visit from a celebratory steam train which because it was delayed coincided with the normal Spirit of Queensland passenger service, thus causing some awkward shuffling to occur.
Here the steam train has just stopped as the Spirit of Queensland draws to a halt.
The place was packed with camera toting folk who had the same idea as me, as well as a horde of school children whose teachers must have desired a change in pace, but it is a once in a generation thing in these parts. Getting a decent photo wasn't really possible, made harder by camera folk being moved on if we found a good spot.
It had two of these massive water tanks, needed these days which a lack of places that cater for old steam locos.
The rear end as it moves down the track to make room for the Spirit of Queensland, both will do a bit of looping now but I went home here.
Arriving, I had about one shot and I blew it.
It has wheels too.

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