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This time it should be fixed.

Cubby's right rear door window motor has been a problem since I bought it, more often not working than working on the rare occasions I've tried it. Only a few months ago I dismantled most of the door trying to figure it out but as per usual it had a mind of it's own and started functioning normally before I had any need to strip the motor.
This time though I knew what short cuts to take to access the motor, so tackled it as the villain, correctly I think too as it had a layer of corrosion on the iron bits that I think arranged itself into a formation causing it to jam way too often.
I gave it a clean and whacked a bit of fresh grease on the bits that like that sort of thing, bolted it back together and even replaced the zip tie that I had to cut to dismantle it. The whole job was fairly quick and not having to spend real money has left me in a good mood.

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