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First night.

After receiving a lovely greeting from brother mega and SIL Robyn, who sadly had to go away for the weekend, so we headed back home slightly inland on the Burnett hwy, stopping at Eidsvold.
The cabin which at $72 for a night was more than I wanted to pay but it was quiet, had a great bed and good hot shower, even the A/C was a good quietish thermostat controlled unit, but the TV was a waste of time.
Since it's only an old analogue unit commonly found left out for kerbside collection I knew the quality was such that if I watched the football free TV usually insult our eyeballs with, it would just look like any other blurry mess on it.
The instructions for using the TV and set top box were clear and quite foolproof, which they would need to be for much of the public, but the downer is realising the signal is just a speck short of the being viable, resulting in a few seconds of being fine interrupted by a dropout. The stuttering result is too annoying to bother with so off it went and Jimmy wished he'd brought the radio he left behind thinking it wouldn't get any use.
In the morning I notice a dipole missing off the phased array aerial on the roof, that would cause the issue but it also seemed odd that it was a VHF unit in this age of UHF.

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