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Cabin pollen filter.

Believe it or not the black ruin was much filthier than this before I cleaned it, shortly after acquiring Cubby. Since Cubby has a service record I'm guessing it's an item that's totally neglected by service people.
I can't help but think that with cars now so reliable and with so few things to service and adjust that many dealerships do nothing more than change the oil, plug in the ODB checker to see if there's any codes on the computer, then check the brakes for wear in the hope that they can do a profit boosting and unnecessary machining of the discs.


  1. You are so right about the amount of service that a car gets now. The taxi that I drive clicked over 356,000 today, and I still think that has only had oil changes, transmission oil changes, brake pads and rotors. It did have a water pump break, but that is pretty much it. Owner does most of it. I am fairly sure that it still has not had spark plugs changed (it is a Prius).