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This nail will take the smile off the owner's face when they notice it.
It looks like the tyre's feathering a little bit too, probably caused by being conned into a "wheel alignment" when it was fitted. Wheel alignments must rank right up with brake rotor machining when it comes to useless profit adding for workshops.
Spotted near JB-Hifi in Townsville after I took Rhonda to the airport on Monday.


  1. After installing new uniroyal tires a few weeks ago, a few days ago I noticed front right low on air and spent $1 in quarters at the machine at the nearest gas station without knowing what's wrong. I better put the gauge on it soon and see if I need to get it fixed.

  2. Officially here repairs should be done properly at enormous expense but those cheap puncture repair kit plugs never seem to fail, despite all the dire warnings splashed about.

  3. I'm convinced nails are scattered on the roads by miscreants with a grudge against society.