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One for Todd and Linda.

You mentioned being a bit excited about this game coming up so we're having a look, though if ESPN as per usual cram many more ads in, the remote control will get another workout.
We like the lack of advertising on the player's outfits, our sport could learn from that.
Neither team has *must* support them colours but white always works well with red, so that'll do.
The blue team is too dark, I suppose a generation ago it was lighter but the latest gloomy generation of designers moved it closer to their desired black, at least it seems all Aussie designers do that, left to them we'd never see colour again.
A photo from were I sit.


  1. The Giants were in their white travel jerseys while their home colors are really blue. Very true about team colors getting darker. Tight game til the last minute - often it is a blowout. - Todd

  2. We stopped watching at half time when some screeching came on, then after Grace's story was over we checked again and it was still going.
    Incredibly to us the NYG tried to avoid scoring in the final minute, to me that was jaw dropping and then watching play continue with a frozen clock was astonishing, surely the clock should be running when a kick-off happens? anyway I was rattled and found something else to view, very happy to see the result later but surely in any sport the idea is to score points when available?