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An interesting little issue.

I've changed all of Artie's lamps to LED (except for the headlamps) and an intriguing issue was when applying the brake my parking and instrument lamps lit up. Not a big issue but Jimmy got to thinking and (I think) it was due to the brake/tail light using a clever circuit that just lights all the LEDs in a dimmer fashion for the tail light part, this was feeding voltage back to the park light circuit.
Solved by placing a diode in the tail light wiring, or in this case two of them due to it being easier to access the wires at the lamp. I just used a couple of salvaged old 1 Amp  diodes but they could be marginal if I placed an olde style lamp back into the circuit.

BTW the headlights are not easy to change, I've yet to find LEDs that are anywhere near as good as the halogen ones and also Artie's H/L circuit switches the earth rather than the usual 12V line, this would mean having to wire an adapter anyway. HID are frowned upon as well as being arguably illegal, so I'll just leave them for now.

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