Night test.

I had to see how the fancy new lit number looked. Happily it's pretty good plus looks rough enough that people won't think us too fancy.
What's more impressive to me is I used the cheap new Samsung camera hand held using its dual anti-shake setting and took 9 shots in the hope I'd end up with one that wasn't blurry beyond recognition, To my surprise all 9 were usable, although large sensor purists will pooh-pooh the noise of the 800 ISO that it used.
There was a bit of light from the soccer oval to explain why a fair bit of background is visible.


  1. Pretty sharp, Jim. I have only one question. What are the lights. Christmas lights?

  2. The lights are these,


  3. Wow, they are excellent. Never seen them before.

  4. Good lord, Jim! I can see those from here in Sydney ;-)

    Just a quick note to let you and Grace know that I'm thinking of your both as TC Yasi approaches. Good luck, mate!