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Ouch, rates time.

Another year and another solid increase. We can do nothing more than pay whatever they ask or lose our house, we can't shop around for a better deal or query why every year it increases more than the consumer price index.

It's a captive market where productivity isn't linked to profitability.
I've put an older rates notice here to show how much things have risen, back in 2004 the rates were too high, now it's ridiculous and must be reaching the breaking point of many home owners.
Note too that the pensioner rebate off the main bill hasn't changed since Noah was in short pants, the State government rebate was $180 ages before 2004, so much earlier that I can't recall any changes, my guess is that the $180 goes back to the Joh era before the '90s, our greatest era because we were proud to live in Queensland then.


  1. The only businesses that appear to be doing well here in Florida are Government agencies.

  2. If Florida is anything like here then the fringe dwellers who feed off the government schemes are fat too. Meanwhile the economy is gathering a debt that may take generations to pay off.

    The gravy train has to stop sometime.